Playing and winning slots on Android casinos

Playing slots on Android casinos ( ) can be a greatly profitable activity. This guide shares some secrets behind winning your slot on any Android gambling website. To begin with, you should pick a good phone.

The first steps

Some good Android smartphones are Google Pixel, Samsung, Motorola and even Sony. Now type your casino's URL in the browser and launch your game instantly. Click on Register, and finish the sign-up process in a few minutes.

Make a deposit, and claim your welcome bonus. Make sure this bonus can be used on this casino's slot games. If you haven't played any slot before, you might get a demo game from your casino.

  • Try playing on licenced casinos only.

Understanding online slots

Every online slot has several symbols; these are placed randomly on that slot's rules. The rules of winning the game are simple- rearrange these symbols on the reels in a winning pattern. Please continue reading.

Every symbol has a unique value. Classic slots have bars, candies, etc. as symbols. Video slots have more imaginative symbols, and this is what makes these games more interesting. Some video slots also have some special symbols.

Video slots' special symbols

Wilds act as the joker of the pack. If you have these in your game, they can substitute for the missing symbols in a winning combination. Scatters appear randomly on the reels and can trigger free spins, etc.

With the free spins and bonus rounds that you get via Scatters, you can win incredible amounts of money. Your video slot may also have Multipliers. These special icons multiply the base earnings by several factors.

  • Never stake money while using public Wi-Fi.

Paylines, RTP and Volatility

Paylines are the winning combinations on the reels. You increase your winning chances by staking on more paylines. RTP or Return to Player indicates the potential profitability of a slot. RTP is always measured in percentage.

Some games pay money very slowly; these slots have low volatility. On the other hand, there are slots that can make you rich very quickly. Therefore, always pick slots that have the right RTP and volatility.

  • Please gamble responsibly.

How to gamble responsibly.

While winning money is nice, it is even better to gamble responsibly. If you are low on money, please place low bets on your slot game. Several casinos allow their players to place lesser value bets.

Use your bonus wisely. Please understand the slot completely before laying your money bet. If you hit a winning streak, don't continue your game for long; just pull back and come back to play the next day.